Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trans Oh Pitaya's message

Translation: Oh Pitaya (OPTY)'s message/stand about this whole issue

Message: I’ve been thinking of what to say, but I was at the custom for the whole afternoon and I didn’t have my computer with me, thus I didn’t say anything up till now. 

Everybody has been asking me how I feel about this issue, actually, I’m just like everyone else. I am not a very rational nor tolerant person. People who knows me personally knows that I am someone that likes to get to the bottom of everything and I am still like this. Up till now, I cannot accept this and I also do not wish to pretend that I’ve accepted this. I’m sorry I cannot pretend as if nothing happened just to deceive myself. 

After Sungmin had release his official statement on his blog, I realised that this situation can no longer be salvaged. To be honest, I’m feeling upset and unjustified, and it is not because of “my idol getting married”. Doesn’t matter if you believe, I’m different from most of you, I am 26 years old this year, an age where my family will force me to go on blind dates, hence I can understand how he wants to get married and put an end to the single life, it’s just that it isn’t easy to get over things like this. When I say I hate you for not putting yourself in our shoes, I am the one that’s hurting the most. Why can’t I just generously wish you happiness? Why can’t I just generously hand you over to her, telling her this is our precious Sungmin, asking her to treat you well for the rest of her life? Hence as I am feeling disappointed, I feel sorry for not being able to get over it. It’s not entirely your fault, we can only blame you for not handling it well, and blame myself for not being able to let go. 

I once read a story when I was young. It was able two mothers fighting for a child. The judge allowed them to fight for the child, whoever is able to get hold (literally, physically) of the child will get the custody of the child. But once the child felt the pain through the pain from the pulling and snatching, the child cried. One of the mothers let go of her hand. Thus the child gave the custody of the child to the mother who let go of her hand because, if you truly love somebody, you will not bear to hurt him. Hence the one who loves the most, will let go first. Therefore, Lee Sungmin, look, although I cannot understand, I will compromise. At least, in the future, I can proudly say that at the time when I was the maddest at you, when I cannot understand you the most, at your saddest moment in life, when you’re being doubt by everybody, I was by your side. I know I will not regret this decision. 

After so much ranting, Oh Pitaya (OPTY)’s stand is that we will not be affected because of Sungmin’s marriage. We will carry on going for events and everything will stay the same. As long as Super Junior is still around, OPTY will be around. At the same time, I hope that Sungmin’s decisions will be right and that he will be happy and blessed. 

Lastly, I’m sorry for not being able to give my blessing for the two of you, but I believe, that being there for you is the best way to convey (confess) my love for you.

Translation by: @Hyerin_57

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