Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Heechul misses Hanchul


A few months has passed. I don't even know what i'm thinking right now. Have you ever feel the feeling of missing your friend? Or let me make it dramatic.

Have you ever feel the feeling of missing your BEST FRIEND? Your soul mate? The one you love?
I do. And it just exactly what i feel right now.
We passed a few years together. Living in the same dorm, singing and dancing in the same stage.

I'm a realistic person. I'd never been cry for a person.
Well, rarely.

It's not that i want to let the world to know about my life-story, and let the world say,
"Ah, poor Kim Heechul"
No, i'm not that kind of person. I don't need the world to know.

Have you ever watch Strong Heart?
A show with my Teukie and my dongsaengs Shindong and Hyuk?
And once i came and become the guest?
It was actually a relief, dropped down my tears with my hyung, sharing what i felt.
I am Kim Heechul.
I used to have iron in my leg. And people LOVED the tragedy.

I was really sorry the members.
To my manager.
To you ELFs.
But why do people bashed me?
Why do people asked me to leave Super Junior?

But being a member of Super Junior is... An HONOURED.

ELFs kept on saying that Kim Heechul shouldn't be at Super Junior.
They kept saying that I, Kim Heechul is trying to destroy Super Junior's reputation.

Let me get this straight.
I am not trying to let my group down.
Once i thought Sorry sorry is my last album with Super Junior.

Don't you know how i feel?
Bashed by people who love my member?
Bashed by people who love Super Junior?
Bashed by people who loves Super Junior but hates me?

My year was as hot as HELL.
Haters are everywhere.

I decided already.
Sorry Sorry is my last album with Super Junior.
I rarely join practice.

I really want to be an actor once again.
Who am I anyway? I was hated by everyone. Super Junior doesn't needs me.

I Stay.
I stay with Super Junior.
I travel Asia with Super Junior for the sake of Super Junior 2nd Asia Tour.
I travel all country that was included in the list.
I perform pretty well, i amused my Petals and our ELFs.

But guess who?
Guess who, out of Super Junior members who's not coming during the tour.
Do not mention our Kim Kibum, he's busy with his career.
(And i exactly know how he feels about being both an actor and a singer)
Do not mention our Kim Youngwoon either.
He's.... You know his problem. You know why he didn't show up in the end of 2009 until now.
And he will come back soon, after his army is over.
We shall wait.

But do mention about another person left.
Guess who?

A person who came from overseas, out of Korea.
A person who always made me a Beijing Fried Rice for breakfast.
A person who have not-so-good voice but his dancing skill is amazing.
A person who debuted with a mask on his face so people can't recognize him.
A person who loves dog while i love cats.
A person who loves to exercise while i don't.
A person who always being lovely to the fans.
A person.....
A person that i loved.
This might sound cheesy, but this is my feelings.
Once again o ask you, have you ever feel the feeling of missing your best friend?

His name is Hankyung. Or Hangeng you call him.
He's one of the lead dancers in Super Junior.
He used to live in the same dorm as mine.
He came form China.
He's my closest friend i've ever had.

I've heard this a lot:
ELFs miss HanChul.
To be honest, from the deepest part of my heart.

No more HanChul from now on.
No more kissing and hugging with him.
No more craziness come out from me, and him.
No more Hankyung, and no more Heechul.
All we have now is Kim Heechul.
And we absolutely have our dear Hangeng who's going solo.

We're about to go on.
Super Show 3 is about to start.
Hangeng is not coming.
Hangeng is going to start a new career by himself.

But i promise him.
I promise Petals and ELFs:
That during Super Show 3, i will be watching Hangeng from Asia.
I will be the loudest who shout for him.

Dear Hangeng, my best friend.
If you're reading this...
I don't know where you are, what you are doing, what are you eating.
I don;t know if you're still making the delicious fried rice.
I promise i'll see you somehow, somewhere.
I promise we'll have fun together again, like we used to.

And dear ELFs, who is reading my cyworld just now....
I don't need the world to know.

The only reason why i posted this is because i don't know to whom and how should i express my feeling.
If you ask me to come to Hangeng and talk to him...
I can't.
I don't know where he is.
I don't know a single thing.
So please, be with me.

He's going solo.
Support Super Junior and him.
We are separated by walls.
But our hearts are one.
Super Junior and Hangeng are always one.



The handsome guy Kim Heechul.

-credit for whoever translate this-

p/s : i just happen to know this is fanfic. sorry for the misunderstanding guys T_T (edited : 10/12/2014)

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