Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The truth sure hurt.

Someone post this on weibo:
今天跟妈妈聊天的时候,问妈妈当初为什么反对我追星,妈妈只说了一句让我差点哭出来。 她说:我怕你那么努力去爱一个人,到最后哭着跟我说,妈妈他和别人结婚了。”
Trans by Malaysian ELF (Adibah):-
Today, I had a conversation with my mom and asked her why mom doesnt like me to love/chasing those idols. Mom only said a sentence that nearly make me cry. She said “I’m scared if you love them like crazily, at the end you come to me and said “Mom, he/she married with other person alrdy”

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